Solar Charging Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker

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Product description

✅Bluetooth-compatible Version:V5.0

✅Highlights: Support solar power

✅Working Range: in 10 metres


✅Gross Weight:548g ♦Loudspeaker Output:5W*2


✅Distortion: ≤0.5%

✅Battery Voltage/Capacity:1200mAh

✅Support A2DP,AVRCP, Handsfree profile, FM radio

✅ With FM function, can search radio station broadcast automatically

✅ International advanced Wireless chip and circuit design techniques, support all wireless devices.

✅ With Hi-Fi speaker, to make sure the clear and bright sound.

 ✅ Micro SD card and USB card, play MP3 format audio.

✅ The wireless working distance is 10 meters.

With AUX line in, can directly connect the outside devices, for example, tablet PC/TV/cellphones.

It will close automatically after 30 mins if Bluetooth-compatible mode no connection

Function key operation Introduction:

1. To switch music or FM: short press M

2. Last song/Next song: short press the volume key

3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key

In FM radio mode: Press "M" to enter FM mode.

1. Press the power button for the first time to switch FM channel and search automatically, and press the power button for the second time to cancel the search. It will take several minutes to search the entire space station. After the search, you can press the volume button to select your favorite channel.

2. To switch channels: short press the volume key

3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key Note: In FM radio mode, Audio cable into the charging port as FM antenna.

TWS serial mode: 1.2 Speakers of the same model start up at the same time 2. Long press The M key after power on until the sound is emitted and the speaker is paired 

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