New Electronic Fish Pet Toy

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Product description

Watch your pets fight over this new fish toy!

Our one jumps on it, bites it, pounces, and kicks it with his feet, Picks it up and carries it around with him, then snuggles it! Absolutely loves it, and we love watching him play with it!

😻Quality Material – The soft and durable plush material makes it the perfect kitty toy for biting, chewing and kicking, as the Flopping Fish dances around the floor. Not only that, this physical activity can help Reduce Stress Levels and relieve Separation Anxiety.

Item Type: Electronic Cat Toy

Material: Plush cloth +PP cotton + catnip

Target Audience: Cat and Dog


1. With high-quality material, this ornament is durable and not easy to damage.

2. This toy does not contain toxic and harmful things and materials, and it is healthy and safe for pets.

3. The fish shape design comes from the nature of cats which can attract the attention of cats to let them spend much time on it.

4. It can accompany cats to spend a boring time when the owners are not at home.

5. Toys can let cats do some exercise which is beneficial for their health, and it can ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.

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