Solar Charging Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker
Solar Charging Bluetooth-Compatible Speaker $39.50
✅Bluetooth-compatible Version:V5.0 ✅Highlights: Support solar power ✅Working Range: in 10 metres ✅Dimension:190*70.4*70.4MM ✅Gross Weight:548g ♦Loudspeaker Output:5W*2 ✅Signal-to-Noise:≥90dB ✅Distortion: ≤0.5% ✅Battery Voltage/Capacity:1200mAh ✅Support A2DP,AVRCP, Handsfree profile, FM radio ✅ With FM function, can search radio station broadcast automatically ✅ International advanced Wireless chip and circuit design techniques, support all wireless devices. ✅ With Hi-Fi speaker, to make sure the clear and bright sound.  ✅ Micro SD card and USB card, play MP3 format audio. ✅ The wireless working distance is 10 meters. With AUX line in, can directly connect the outside devices, for example, tablet PC/TV/cellphones. It will close automatically after 30 mins if Bluetooth-compatible mode no connection Function key operation Introduction: 1. To switch music or FM: short press M 2. Last song/Next song: short press the volume key 3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key In FM radio mode: Press "M" to enter FM mode. 1. Press the power button for the first time to switch FM channel and search automatically, and press the power button for the second time to cancel the search. It will take several minutes to search the entire space station. After the search, you can press the volume button to select your favorite channel. 2. To switch channels: short press the volume key 3. Turn up/down the volume: Long press the volume key Note: In FM radio mode, Audio cable into the charging port as FM antenna. TWS serial mode: 1.2 Speakers of the same model start up at the same time 2. Long press The M key after power on until the sound is emitted and the speaker is paired 
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Women's Long Sleeve Flower Print  Jacket
Women's Long Sleeve Flower Print Jacket $35.00 $54.00
❤️Dress like a Boss!✨Life is too short to wear boring clothes🔥 ✅Long Sleeve, Round Neck, Floral, Stand Collar, Zipper, Plaid, Bomber Jacket  ✅Suit for daily wear,casual and so on ✅Fabric has some stretch ✅Machine Washable or Hand Washable ✅Season: Spring/Summer ✅Material: Polyester ✅Material: Spandex  ✅Please read the size chart carefully before order  
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Vintage Ladies Leather Backpacks
Vintage Ladies Leather Backpacks $40.95 $58.95
This backpack🎒 with retro style is widely applicable to📚 school,🛫 travel, camping🏕️, cycling🚲, shopping,🛒 etc. 💓✨Also it is a good choice for a birthday gift,🎁 🎅✨Christmas gift,🎄 back to school gift📚. 💯✨Perfect for running errands, going to lunch and beyond, these Leather Backpacks are a sleek option for storage no matter what you're doing. 🎒✨ The backpack is fashioned out of leather and has a lapped closure with a zipper pocket on the exterior. A carrying handle and two backpack straps give you many ways to tote it. ✅Trendy and chic leather mini backpack✅Spacious interior with added pockets✅Adjustable backpack straps✅Available in a selection of colors.      
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Women  Seamless High Waist Leggings
Women Seamless High Waist Leggings $29.00 $39.00
❤️‍🔥Bring your A game to your next gym session🏋️‍♀️✨ in the Adapt Camo Seamless Leggings. Featuring an all over camo pattern, a flattering high-rise fit, ruche detailing to bum and breathable seamless fabric, you won't be able to keep these leggings undercover for long.   The flattering fit, ruched detailing and all-over jacquard camo pattern are carefully designed to blend out. The supportive, high-rise waistband and subtle, seamless fabric ensure comfort and ease of movement. Sizes Small: Length 82cm, Waist 57-108 cm, hips 68-120 cm Medium: Length 84cm, Waist 60-118 cm, hips 74-130 cm Large: Length 86cm, Waist 62-128 cm, hips 79-140 cm Length: Ankle-Length Hip-Style: Regular Waist Type: HIGHSeam: Seamless Spandex: Spandex(10%-20%) Thickness: STANDARD Fabric Type: Broadcloth Material: Polyester Pattern Type: Camouflage  
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Multiple Purpose Non-Stick Frying Pan
Multiple Purpose Non-Stick Frying Pan $28.00 $38.00
 👨‍🍳Your eggs, pancakes, burgers and so many more recipes will never look the same again with this 2/ 4 Hole Pan! 🍔🍳🥞 ✅Anti‑scalding and heat‑insulating handle, ergonomic design, feel comfortable. ✅Strong compatibility, can be used on gas stove, induction cooker, electric ceramic stove. ✅Four hole design, you can fry four eggs or burgers with different flavours at the same time or fry four different foods, meets the daily breakfast needs of families. ✅The inner surface of the pan is treated with a non‑stick coating, making the baking pan easier to clean and more hygienic. ✅Rivet connection, connection is very strong, not easy to fall off, safe and reliable. ✅Specifications: Material: aluminum alloy + Bakelite  ✅Overall dimensions: total length 35.2 cm ✅Single hole size: 9 cm in diameter ✅Depth: 2.2 cm ✅Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove ✅Note: The screw of the pan link handle is on the pan, remember to install the handle after taking it out.. ✅Packing List:1 x omelette pan
Ultralight Titanium Wood Burner Camping Stove
Ultralight Titanium Wood Burner Camping Stove $86.95
This stove is built with titanium construction that is corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and super light. Connect all panels together by each side which will just take seconds to complete. Cook a meal with easy-to-find, unlimited fuels like wood, twigs, branches, leaves and paper to cook a meal wherever you set up your camp, no chemical emissions, no carbon footprint. Fold the stove flat and stuff it in a pocket or backpack to start a low-carbon travel. Stopping by the side of the road for a hot drink, heating up a quick meal or of course camping - are all well known by bikers on the road. The minute you see this ultralight stove in action you'll just have to add one to your pack. Its corrosion resistant, ultralight titanium construction is extremely durable and light Shave even more weight off your load by leaving the fuel at home. Features: Titanium construction guarantees extreme durability as well as minimal weight. Wide opening design for convenient adding wood and improved air flow, higher burning efficiency. Cross-stand trivet creates a stable cooking platform for any pot size. Easy to set up and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, twigs, branches, leaves. Weighs only 7.2oz and packs flat that fits into your pocket and backpack, very easy to carry. Package List: 1 Folding Wood Stove 1 Storage Pouch
Outdoor hiking shoes
Outdoor hiking shoes $57.30
Conquer the unbeaten path, enjoy a perfect blend of comfort, versatility and freedom for your summer adventures! The ultimate outdoor sneakers! ✅Step comfortably in nature’s domain with the perfect hiking shoes! Made for convenience under any scenario or terrain It gives you the best traveling experience for the summer! ✅The reinforced sole gives you a sense of lightness when traversing rough terrain while their meshy top keeps your feet ventilated and fresh throughout your long trips! ✅You can dip them in water all you want, it drains easily and dry quickly. Everything you need to stay comfortable, protected and prepared for the unbeaten path you will find in these sneakers. ✅Reach any destination- Dive right into nature’s wilds, move confidently through lakes, puddles and rivers without damaging your shoes! ✅Feel the freedom- Tired or sweating on your summer trips, let your feet breathe easily to guarantee their freshness throughout all your journeys! ✅Face the dangers- Don’t take the tourist's route, traverse the rough terrain with ease without hurting your sole or wearing down your shoes!  ✅Conquer the unbeaten path, enjoy a perfect blend of comfort, versatility and freedom for your summer adventures!
Baby Beach Tent
Baby Beach Tent $75.95
  Taking Baby to the Beach? Designed for children under 3 years of age, Can accommodate 1-3 people. At the bottom of the mini pool can allow baby to play in the water instead of going to the seaside,Parents can have extra time to enjoy the beach trip. UV Protection: 50+. Better protect baby from the sun's harmful rays. Convenient: Automatic pop up; Light; Easy carry with a bag;    Our beach tent is made of special 190T Polyester silver-coated UV Protection waterproof fabric, which ensures that the coverage area has effectively Anti-UV functions.  Easy to Set Up Than Most Tent This easy to pop up beach sun shelter changes everything, if you’re like most moms your garage is probably packed with beach equipment that is heavy, difficult to set up and takes up a TON of storage space but our product has lightweight fabric that is also incredibly strong, simple to open and fold down, it folds away into a perfect little compact bag within seconds, that can be stored in your trunk. Very Good Ventilation Meshed window at the back, tent shape design to provide better ventilation inside the pop-up sun shelter. it also won't tip over or fly away with every gust of wind; Just quickly place a few of the provided anchors in the sand. You will feel how it is important on sunny days. Tunnel shape, wide big entrance, polyethylene floor all for your better comfort and well being. The ideal umbrella for your baby. Widely Use Kids pop up beach tent not only is used as an outdoor beach tent but also can be used as an indoor play tent for babies. And you can use it as a sun shelter for relaxing in the beach, picnic, park or in the backyard and the little pool also can allow baby to play in the water instead of going to the seaside, parents can have extra time to enjoy the beach trip. This play tent provides space for the baby playing water in the mini pool.
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