Baby Safety Soft Protective Helmet
Baby Safety Soft Protective Helmet $23.64
Being a parent can be risky business when your little one is learning to walk, crawl, and creep. BABY HEAD HELMET - For your active kids who are learning to walk, craw and stand, the head protector helmet can definitely saved her from multiple bumps and bruises. Also suit for daily indoor outdoor use.(Not suit for biking) SIZE - For baby ages 6 to 60 months with adjustable Velcro closure and chin strap. Head circumference of 40cm to 55cm. PROTECT BABYS HEAD - Shock absorption and impact resistance protects your toddler. Perfect head guard protection to keep your little ones safe as they begin to learn how to walk or as they play around the house or outside. COTTON MATERIAL - 100% Cotton, very soft, super lightweight and sweat-absorbent, with great breath-ability , padded design provides a comfortable & breathable fit The baby safety helmet very comfortable to wear, Non-toxic, BPA free, no harm for kids!
Multifunctional Front Face Baby Carrier
Multifunctional Front Face Baby Carrier $78.00
🥰✨ Suitable for carrying 2-30 months old baby kid!❤️‍🔥 4 carrying position modes: ✅Chest way, ✅kangaroo style,✅ back carry,✅ cross arm carry 2 safer and more ergonomic carrying positions: ✅baby facing-in ✅baby facing-out. High quality durable material, safe and exquisite design Adjustable shoulder belt, double-protection safety buckle, 3D ventilating back pad Adjustable durable waist belt for safer carrying Easy to operate and adjust it, flexible carrying position Weight-load: Maximum 18kg Provides essential closeness and contact to help you bond with your new baby Perfect for newborns - no infant insert needed Developed with pediatricians to give the proper support for baby's head, neck, spine and hips Small, safe and easy to use - fits perfectly and securely with only a few adjustments
Baby Beach Tent
Baby Beach Tent $75.95
  Taking Baby to the Beach? Designed for children under 3 years of age, Can accommodate 1-3 people. At the bottom of the mini pool can allow baby to play in the water instead of going to the seaside,Parents can have extra time to enjoy the beach trip. UV Protection: 50+. Better protect baby from the sun's harmful rays. Convenient: Automatic pop up; Light; Easy carry with a bag;    Our beach tent is made of special 190T Polyester silver-coated UV Protection waterproof fabric, which ensures that the coverage area has effectively Anti-UV functions.  Easy to Set Up Than Most Tent This easy to pop up beach sun shelter changes everything, if you’re like most moms your garage is probably packed with beach equipment that is heavy, difficult to set up and takes up a TON of storage space but our product has lightweight fabric that is also incredibly strong, simple to open and fold down, it folds away into a perfect little compact bag within seconds, that can be stored in your trunk. Very Good Ventilation Meshed window at the back, tent shape design to provide better ventilation inside the pop-up sun shelter. it also won't tip over or fly away with every gust of wind; Just quickly place a few of the provided anchors in the sand. You will feel how it is important on sunny days. Tunnel shape, wide big entrance, polyethylene floor all for your better comfort and well being. The ideal umbrella for your baby. Widely Use Kids pop up beach tent not only is used as an outdoor beach tent but also can be used as an indoor play tent for babies. And you can use it as a sun shelter for relaxing in the beach, picnic, park or in the backyard and the little pool also can allow baby to play in the water instead of going to the seaside, parents can have extra time to enjoy the beach trip. This play tent provides space for the baby playing water in the mini pool.
Elephant Sprinkler Bathtub Toy
Elephant Sprinkler Bathtub Toy $48.00
❤️‍🔥Turning Bathing into a Game!😛 ✅The cute🐘 elephant toy will keep your❤️🧒 kids distracted as you wash them while the gentle stream will help you clean them easily without frightening or hurting their little heads.❤️🧒 ✅ Best water spray bath toy ever!❤️‍🔥 ✅Elephant 🐘sprinkler bath toy is made of durable plastic materials and cute bath toys. ✅Excellent for baby shower and party favors, great gift for Birthday. ✅Electric Shower Bathtub Toys: Cute elephant shape, realistic lotus sprinkler, clouds nozzle design toy makes children's bathing time more interesting. ✅Just tap the baby elephant's belly gently, and water keeps spraying. ✅360 ° Rotatable Shower: 360° angle adjustment, two water outlet methods, large water output. electric circulation, circular water output, all-round waterproof. ✅The battery compartment is sealed and waterproof. The back suction cup can be adsorbed on flat and curved surfaces. ✅This cute elephant design would surely attract your kid's attention and make the bath time more fun and interesting. ✅Non-toxic: safe for children. ✅Safe: The whole elephant body is very smooth, won't hurt the baby's hands and     fingers, play with no worry. ✅ Nozzle small hole fine: uniform water, comfortable grip. Note: this toy need 4* 1.5 AAA batteries Please don't put the elephant's head in the water.
Flexible Nursing Pillows
Flexible Nursing Pillows $69.00
Flexible Nursing Pillow This uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts, raising baby to breast with three elevation levels so it opens up more nursing-hold options to mom. As your little one grows, you can change the height to adjust to their size. This design allows you to breastfeed your baby across your lap (cradle and cross-cradle) or at your side (football or clutch hold). The football-hold is a recommended position for moms  Using a single high pillow to lift a baby is limited and can make a mother feel very uncomfortable. Our unique layered pillow can be easily adjusted to elevate the baby to three levels, which can open up more nursing options for mothers.   ✔️ Specifications: Color: Grey/Blue/Pink ✔️Inside material: Filled with PP cotton ✔️Packing: Carton + Handbag  ✔️ Size: 58X25X28 cm. ✔️ 1 X Nursing Pillow 
Blossoming Flower Baby Bathtub Mat
Blossoming Flower Baby Bathtub Mat $50.24
 😍 Moms are going crazy for this lotus flower bathmat!❤️‍🔥 ✅A must have for any🥰 parent with a newborn👶✨ ✅The Blossoming Flower Baby🥰 Bathtub fits easily in your sink or bathtub to provide a soft and comfortable bathing environment for your infant. 👶✨ ✅It also makes for great photo ops! Machine washable and easy to dry!🥰 Material: Cotton Diameter: about 80 cm/ 23.62 inches
Non-inflatable Baby Floater
Non-inflatable Baby Floater from $95.95
  No more lousy inflatable floats that leaks every time, spoiling the fun! Your Baby can truly experience the Benefits of swimming in a safer way! Our Smart Swim Trainer is constructed with High-Quality Pearl Foam™ that is moisture-proof, yet extremely breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. Designed for maximum comfort, your baby will have a blast while building confidence as they learn to paddle and kick in the water in a natural and safe position  UPGRADED SAFETY ANTI-FLIP DESIGN FOR FLOATIES FOR KIDS This Smart Swim Trainer float is built with widened sides for maximum buoyancy and a heightened front to remove all risk of accidental tipping over in any direction. Your baby will still be able to see and touch the water comfortably. We have also included a groove in front to rest their chin. You can also place your baby backward! EXTRA SAFETY MEASURES FOR BABY FLOAT !!! Our upgraded Sturdy Safety lock and Harness System ensures your baby doesn't slip when they are vigorously paddling. Our Thickly padded adjustable crotch & chest strap together with our Double Safety Clasp provides extra security by supporting their legs, preventing them from slipping out or flipping forward. Frequently Asked Questions IS IT SAFER THAN TRADITIONAL FLOAT RINGS? Absolutely. It uses an innovative 5 point secure buckle system combined with a double-lock design under the crotch area to properly secure the baby as well as keeping them upright to prevent tip-over/flipping. There is simply no other baby float in the world as safe as ours, as complies with world-class safety standards (AU, US, CA, UK/EU). IS THE CANOPY & TAIL-FIN EASILY DETACHABLE? Of course, it's secured with velcro straps and quickly folds away for easy storage. It's easily usable with and without the canopy for indoor and outdoor use! 【UPGRADED SAFETY BUCKLES-The Upgraded safety buckle provides 5 support points and a perfect 40°angle to keep balance to avoid baby flip over and fall off. Upgraded into 2 swim ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle methods. Backstroke Suitable for 3~12months baby, breaststroke Suitable for 3~24months baby. Fits for Children weight from 13 to 40 lbs. 100% Safety Baby Swimming Trainer Vest Upgraded buckles and straps of this baby floats to avoid slipping. Add one press locker instead of an easy fall-off button. More convenience and security. Patented pearl-foam technology, no need to worry about air leaking! Great Gift: 3D cover with canopy shark Add removable tail, Prevent baby from flipping backward. Breathable 3D cover suitable for babies 2 years old - 5 years old, 12-28kg The wings are detachable to allow the baby to learn to swim gradually. Breathable 3D cover suitable for 3 years old-6 years old (15-30kg)The arms float and the back float can be used separately or as a whole.
Baby Support Cushion Chair
Baby Support Cushion Chair $66.00
 The next best thing to being in mum's arms? Her very own, cozy, comfy, ever so snuggly, Baby Couch! As cute and snuggly as your baby is, you'll need to put her down eventually. If she's not in your arms, you’ll want her in the next best place: Baby Couch! This Baby Couch gives your baby the freedom to comfortably observe her surroundings, develop sensory and motor skills, and spend quality time with the family. Plus, has a unique leg and back support that keeps your little one from tipping forward (1) 100% new, high quality (2) Material: short plush + PP cotton (3) Size: about 45 * 45cm / 17.72 * 17.72in (4) Fashionable cute animal shaped design (5) Let baby keep sitting posture and comfortable (6) Suitable for 0-2 year old baby Packing List: 1 x baby support seat sofa
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